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Recognized today as one of the most outstanding DJ’s on the music and club scene; Dj-I.c.DRE’ has performed with a wide array of music legends from RUN DMC to TWISTA. Born south of Chicago, in Kankakee, Illinois, his passion for music was fueled at the age of 15. Growing up listening to Rap/Hip-Hop music and watching videos during its earliest beginnings provided the inspiration for Dj-I.c.DRE’. However, it was the impact of watching Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Premier and Dj Scratch perform that ultimately elevated his determination to become one of the best Dj’s in the profession.

Success hit big, when DJ-I.c.DRE’ was recruited to tour for Hip-Hop Super Star TWISTA. “I entered a Dj Battle in Chicago and won”. From there, TWISTA offered me the opportunity to dj and produce him. I did this five years straight which took me around the world. Everybody can tell you, you’re good, when you’re from the same hometown. But, when people from around the country and internationally acknowledge your talent, that’s when I realized I really had something.” Thankful for the opportunity TWISTA gave him; Dj-I.c.DRE’ makes it his mission to give back to young aspiring Dj’s as well. He also believes to remain relevant in the industry, you have to stay true to your craft by utilizing cutting edge technology and forever, and always practice, practice, practice.

Today Dj-I.c.DRE’ goes beyond the spectrum of just mixing hits. He has an open format style along with a supreme programmer’s mind. This highly requested Mixmaster has the unique ability to entertain and keep any demographic dancing by taking them on the most memorable “musical ride of their lifetime.” Indeed, this knowledge, experience and music versatility is what clearly defines Dj-I.c.DRE’s massive talent which continues to captures and grow his fan base, one event – one dance floor at a time.






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